Thursday, April 13, 2017

Impending Changes

Next week is transfer week and I'm leaving the office! Its been a fun and fast 8 months of financiero work, but now its time for me to pass all the responsibilities to someone else and go back out in the field full time. The last 4 weeks I have been training Elder Adams to be the next finance secretary and instructing him on all the things he has to do, so as each day passes he is feeling more and more overwhelmed and I'm feeling more and more relaxed haha. One thing I've really seen about callings in the mission and the church in general was also confirmed by Elder Uchtdorf in general conference, when he said that the Lord makes callings to build up his church AND build up his servants. God finds the perfect balance of the right guy for the job and the right job for the guy! That's also why there are always changes in callings in the mission and the church because in each calling we learn lessons and acquire skills necessary for our progression and development and well there are lots of things to learn. Speaking of Conference, Conference was great! There were tons of awesome messages and we managed to bring 10 new people to conference to listen and learn from the many messages and the messages did not disappoint! Among which was the message of Elder Costa who specifically addressed his message to none members and shared his conversion story and Yaritza took notes because she is pilas. We have been teaching Yaritza and here family for a good long while now, but she has progressed the fastest of all of them because she always is present for the lessons and always reads the assignments we leave her and has here questions ready for the next visit. She is awesome and know has all of the lessons and several church attendances, so everything is looking lined up for her baptism next week. They last time we visited she said the last prayer and and asked God to take away any fears she has, so that she could be baptized in his church! She will have her baptismal interview this sunday after church. Yader also is doing great. He gave us a call this week telling us he was really busy all week, but that we could come by Saturday to discuss the details of his marriage and baptism which he is planning on having this upcoming wednesday because it is Semana Santa and everyone is on vacation. Also at conference were Yessenia and her Mom Nubia who are both preparing to be baptized at the end of this month. They are also both super pilas and the only thing keeping them from progressing faster is their busy work schedules. They amaze me with how well they understand everything it almost always feels like that instead of teaching we are just reminding them of things they know are true, but have forgotten about. Another Miracle of Conference was that Reynaldo was able to come with his whole Family we have been visiting his family for a while because many of them are recent converts, but he had always been kinda cold and disinterested, but we were able to gain his confidence with time and he agreed to come to conference. Since then he has accepted a baptismal preparation date and has been eager to learn. Part member families have been the name of the game lately here in Waspan as we also like two weeks back found two sisters that are both less active, but want to come back to church and neither of their husbands are members. Both sisters came to conference as well as one of their husbands. Well I guess not technically husband because they still aren't married after ten years of being together, so we'll have to work on that with them. But both of them are super awesome and interested to learn more about the gospel. But I suppose that is enough aboput Waspan, because I am about to leave it all in the hands of Elder Chinchilla and Elder Adams.

I'll be going to Matagalpa at some point next week and getting to know my new home in the Mountain zone. It'll be nice to head north to escape the heat of Managua in the three hottest months of the year, plus I'll get to know one of the only cities in Nicaragua that I don't know yet, so I'm pretty stoked. I'll miss Managua for sure though and all of the cool people here!! It's looking like I'll be able to stay for Yader's marriage and baptism as well as the baptism of Yaritza though because president wants me to help Elder Adams with his responsibilities during Transfers. Anyways, that's all for now. Next time I write I'll probably already be in my new area. Wish me luck! Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Hamson

Here are some fotos from the week. The fisrst is of the whole zone in the airport saying goodbye to Hermana Morales, who got diagnosed with Leukemia. Super sad, but it was way awesome to see the whole zone there in the early morning to see here off. The second foto is of my last Zone meeting here in Bello Horizonte. The third foto is me and Neilson cooking for the Last time at Presidents House and the last Foto is of Me Elder Chinchilla and Elder Adams eating Sopa de Frijoles at The Rocha`s. 

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