Monday, June 20, 2016


This week was full of changes. I got transferred out of Somoto which was super sad because I was so comfortable there and the church is growing a ton. I was super surprised when I got the news that I was being transferred because I was pretty confident that we were all gonna stay. I got transferred to Chinandega Oeste which will be a whole new experience. It was sad saying goodbye to all the people of Somoto and I realized how close you really get in such a short time with the people. I'm hopeful that later in my mission I'll get the oportunity to return to Ocotal Zone to see the progress in Somoto and visit the people. Unfortunately I won't be there when Somoto gets its official meeting house this month but at least I was able to see Somoto become a branch. Chinandega will be quite different from Somoto because it is a big city where the church is already well established. My new Companion is Elder Cordova who actually was the missionary who opened Somoto as a new area with Elder Sotay several months back, so he's stoked to hear that Somoto is already a branch. I just got to my new area after an entire day of traveling and so far it seems pretty sweet. I look forward to getting to know the area.
Another major change is President Collado is leaving this week. Last week we had our last Multizona conference with him. I´m bummed that I didn't have much time at all with him and his family, because they are super awesome, but I´m excited about all the new ideas President Ponce will bring and I look forward to getting to know him and his Family.
In other news I had my last baptism in Somoto on saturday, which was the baptism of Catalina, one of the daughters of Hna. Zaida Catalina is super awesome and I have definitely seen a change in her these last three weeks and I know she will be a great help to the branch in Somoto.
Attached are photos with President Collado and his family, the baptism of Catalina, and a photo with now President Alaniz (Hermano Alberto) and his family (president of the new branch).
Stay tuned for my first report of Chinandega Oeste next week. I'm praying that the beach is included in the area.
Elder Hamson

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This week went fairly well although we lost a bunch of time due to sickness. Elder Galo had some parasitic infection that prevented us from leaving the house for several days and then I got sick yesterday, which is why I'm sending this out late. 

On Monday we had an activity for el dia de las madres which was super fun. There was a ton of food, dancing, and we played el amigo secreto, which is a gift exchange. Everyone had fun and a few people showed up that we hadn't seen in a while. 

The middlle of the week we spent in the house. I don't remember which days exactly it was. 

Saturday we had the baptism of Anna who is the sister of a recent convert, Yelson. She is super awesome and on sunday she bore one of the best testimonies. A few of the members here always tell the exact same elaborate story, that may or may not be exaggerated, when they are asked to bear their testimonies, so we are going to have to clarify what we mean by testimony, but Annas testimony was simple and from the heart. One of the senior couples in the mission also visited us on saturday and sunday which was way nice to have them here to meet with the members and also they took us out to dinner which was great. 

Sunday it rained super hard all morning, so we were pretty worried that hardly anyone was going to show up to church, but a ton of investigators showed up. I don't know why we continue to doubt because things always work ouy and we are constantly seeing miracles here in Somoto. 

Thats about all for this week. We are still short of establishing a branch in Somoto because we don't have enough faithfull Melchizedek priesthood holders to serve as the branch leaders.  

Elder Hamson

Sunday dinner at Mama Nerly's

next generation of chickens                                             chicken that will be dinner