Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Feliz Navidad from Puerto Cabezas

Editor's note: Mostly pictures of a crazy 360 mile drive over the back roads of Nicaragua that took 14 hours!

Puerto cabezas was a really cool trip, but the drive there was plenty.. The drive back was quite long. I'll have to send some pictures. There was tons of crazy things we saw all along the road and some of them we got the camera out fast enough. The roads were horrendous. I mean it's only like 360 miles, but it took us 14 hours to get there.. It would have taken even longer too if we had been more careful with the cars. Most of the roads were like driving on swiss cheese. It was actually pretty fun at first flying down the road and trying thread the needle through all the pot holes, but after several hours it gets pretty old. We probably wrecked the suspension system on both cars and I was amazed that the layers of caked mud were able to come off. It was definitely an adventure though. An was way cool to drive through the tiny little pueblos in the middle of no where. Puerto seems like a different country completely. It felt like we were in a really poor part of the dominican republic, or haiti or something. And even though the majority can speak spanish they all speak in miskito when talking amongst themselves. I would have like to stay and work a day over there. Cool place. The activity went well too. The Zone is like a family over there because they are so isolated from the rest of the world. With them we ended up watching finding Dory and Ice Age 5(?). There actually isn't really much of a traditional Christmas dinner although the closest thing would be relleno navideƱo which is some sort of rice casserol looking think. Also most people kill and eat their pig this time of year. 

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